Sarah Palin Looks to Cash In

Jan 22 2009 Published by under Featured News

With the news that Sarah Palin has hired a high powered Hollywood attorney to search for a book and/or television deal for her, it seems that Jane Six Pack from Alaska thinks now is the time to cash in, to the tune of $11 million, on her fame.

According to the LA Times, Palin has hired the Washington lawyer Robert Barnett, who represented Barack Obama, and the Clintons in their book deals to represent her. Rumor has it that Palin is looking for a payday as big as $11 million for her side of the 2008 election story. To put her demands into context, former president Bill Clinton got a $15 million advance for his book My Life, which sold well over 2 million copies.

Hillary Clinton got an $8 million advance for her book, former first lady Laura Bush only got a $2 million advance for her life story, and it is safe to assume that then Sen. Barack Obama did not get an advance anywhere near the $11 million that Palin is rumored to be seeking for either of his books. It takes quite a bit of ego for anyone to suggest that Palin’s story is worth Bill Clinton money. Clinton was a popular former two term president who also had a sex scandal in his presidency.

Exactly what could Sarah Palin tell America that is worth $11 million? Is she going to complain about bloggers talking about her family, and how the liberal media gave the election to Barack Obama for 300 pages? Maybe she can finally tell the nation why she and her family needed a quarter million dollar wardrobe, and where those clothes are now? It is likely that she will use the book to make the case that the election defeat was all the fault of the McCain people because they did not use her properly.

This is a really bad time for any Republican to be asking for a big advance. The fact that the former first lady could only get $2 million should tell Palin and her people that the market for conservative books is ice cold right now. Plus, I don’t see what Sarah Palin or her ghostwriter could tell us that would be worth buying her book. I don’t begrudge Palin a chance to make a living, but she already has a job. She is the governor of Alaska, although you wouldn’t know it because she is rarely there.

Sarah Palin wants to be a rich celebrity in the worst way, but any publisher would be a fool to pay her $11 million for the rights to her book. Palin would fit right in at Fox News, but I don’t see any other television deal working out for her. The problem is Palin is loved by a segment of the Republican Party, and that is it. She is a national joke, not a popular figure, so unless any project is catered towards her supporters, it will fail.

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