With Projected Ohio Win, Obama Will Be President

Nov 04 2008 Published by under Featured News

As I predicted John McCain wasted his time and money in Pennsylvania, as it was called for Obama about a minute after the polls closed, but the big flip was Ohio, which Obama is projected to win. This means that with only the West Coast, Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.

Without even seeing any exit polling data, I can tell you that George W. Bush and the economy killed John McCain’s hopes in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Obama is putting a stunning beating on McCain in Pennsylvania. He is leading McCain, 63%-35%. These numbers will tighten as most of the results that have not come in yet are from the conservative T. No one should be surprised if the final margin for Obama in Pennsylvania is double digits.

In Ohio, Obama might win by double digits, as he currently leads 54%-44%. Obama will likely win California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. He will probably also pick up Iowa, Nevada, and Colorado. I am not even including the pending results from Indiana, North Carolina, and Florida. The only question now is how big Obama’s margin of victory will be. I think he will probably get over 300 electoral votes, and will have the biggest Democratic win since Clinton in 1996. It is possible if things break his way, Obama could have the second largest Democratic victory only behind LBJ in 1964.

One other point is that it seems the polls were correct. The polls have been telling us for weeks that the potential existed for an Obama rout, and that is what we are on pace to have happen. Some were telling us that the polls were wrong in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but the polls have been consistent in pointing to Obama, and he was never challenged in Ohio and Pennsylvania. At the end of the day, John McCain sealed his fate in each state by running a character driven campaign in two states that were desperate for economic change.

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