McCain Campaign Complains That Democrats Are Stealing the Election

Nov 04 2008 Published by under Featured News

The McCain campaign has put out a memo complaining about what they call voting irregularities in Pennsylvania, Florida, New Hampshire, and Virginia. The party that brought you Florida 2000, and Ohio 2004 is claiming that the Democrats are trying to steal this election.

According to Fox News the Black Panthers are intimidating voters at polling places in Philadelphia, “In Philadelphia, PA, Black Panthers Are Intimidating Voters By Standing Outside Of A Polling Station While Holding A Night Stick. Fox News’ Rick Leventhal: “I do not even know where to begin, but we have reached a polling place in the city of Philadelphia. One of the two black panthers who was allegedly blocking the door is standing right over here, [and] accused us of intimidating voters because we were here with a camera and microphone.”

They also claimed that Democrats for Obama is trying to suppress the McCain vote by calling people and give them fake information about changes in their polling place. In Florida, they claim that out of state Obama volunteers are casting ballots in the state. They also claim that voters in Palm Beach are having trouble locating the McCain/Palin option on the second page of the ballot.

In New Hampshire they say that Republican officials are being kept away from locations inside the polling place where they are supposed to be verifying voters. In Ohio Republicans say that non credentialed election observers were inside the polling place, and in Virginia the McCain campaign believes that voters are casting multiple paper ballots.

Most of these reports are coming from right wing blogs and Fox News. Apparently, the Republicans are already working on a conspiracy theory to explain McCain’s loss to Obama. McCain couldn’t lose to Obama because more people wanted to vote for a Democrat. No, if McCain loses, then the election must have been stolen. This kind of whining should make Democrats sick after they did have an election stolen from them in 2000. Only when Republicans are losing are they champions for fair elections.

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