McCain Camp Continues the Obama is a Terrorist Smear

Oct 14 2008 Published by under Featured News

Even though John McCain himself continues to say that Barack Obama is not a terrorist, his presidential campaign continues to press the Obama is a terrorist smear. The latest attack came from McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb who claims that Obama and Ayers are friends, so the Democrat does pal around with terrorists.

“This much is clear: Barack Obama and William Ayers were friends before that relationship became a political embarrassment for the Illinois Senator–Obama did pal around with a terrorist. According to his campaign, Barack Obama no longer believes Ayers has been rehabilitated. And William Ayers did target his own country,” Goldfarb said.

The McCain spokesman also fired back at Obama campaign manager David Plouffe who today accused Sarah Palin of making remarks that are, “completely beyond the pale.” Goldfarb defended Palin’s remarks, “So what part of Governor’s Palin’s remarks are ‘beyond the pale.’ Perhaps Mr. Plouffe does not like Governor Palin’s inference that Barack Obama palled around with Ayers because Barack Obama has a different view of America than most of us. Yet the Obama campaign has offered no alternate explanation–they have not conceded that the relationship was simply the result of a serious error in judgment. The only thing ‘beyond the pale’ here is the Obama campaign’s failure to explain how it is that Barack Obama carried on a decade long friendship with a man who sought to topple the U.S. government through violence.”

I don’t know what’s more surprising to me, the fact that John McCain seems to have no voice in, and control over his own presidential campaign, or the fact that there are people in his campaign who still believe that this sleaze will actually help McCain win the election. The McCain campaign looks to be at war with itself. The entire operation has been plagued with an internal disconnect of message. For example, John McCain unveiled some new economic proposals today, but his campaign is still talking about Bill Ayers.

A well organized campaign would be maintaining their message discipline, and focused on McCain’s message of the day, which is supposed to be the economy. In contrast, the Obama campaign is extremely disciplined to the point where one rarely sees the candidate and his campaign not singing the same tune. The only thing that these Obama-Ayers attacks are certain to do is create more backlash against McCain. People don’t care about Bill Ayers, heck even John McCain has said that he doesn’t care about Ayers, so the question is, why is his campaign still talking about him?

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