Biden Mocks Palin on Global Warming

Oct 13 2008 Published by under Featured News

At a campaign stop in Rochester, New Hampshire, today Joe Biden took the gloves off against Sarah Palin, by openly mocking her debate answer on the cause of global warming, and he repeated the campaign’s promise to end the Iraq war.

“If my opponent in our debate, I think it was a debate , that we had. I mean look when the moderator asked us do you think man is the cause of global warming. I mean to paraphrase her, maybe…not sure. Look how are you going to solve global warming when you have no idea what in the hell…heck is causing global warming. How do you change it? Folks, it would be funny if it weren’t so deadly serious.”

He also promised that he and Obama will end the Iraq war, “Look you can’t change the next four years if you simply continue George Bush’s shoot first and ask questions later foreign policy. You can’t change the next four years if you believe that we should continue to spend $10 billion a month in Iraq, when the Iraqis have a $79 billion surplus. Ladies and Gentleman, to quote the elder Bush, the first President Bush, read my lips, we will end this war. We will end this war. We will transfer responsibility to the Iraqis.”

When Palin was first added to the ticket this kind of attack was unthinkable to Biden and Obama, but she has been weakened by her own clueless interview style, and the Troopergate report. If anyone out there still needed proof that Sarah Palin is a national joke, it came today in the form of Biden’s complete lack of fear towards mocking her. Biden’s comments today about Palin are also a subtle way of questioning McCain’s judgment.

The more explicit questioning of McCain’s judgment came when Biden discussed ending the Iraq war. I think that is little doubt in most people’s minds that Obama will end the war, and that John McCain intends to continue the policies of President Bush in Iraq. Talking about the Iraq war in this manner also allows Biden to connect McCain to Bush. The comments above were only 1:39 seconds long, but in politics a lot can happen in a couple of minutes.

You can watch the video here.

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