Rick Davis Hurts McCain on the Economy Again

Oct 10 2008 Published by under Featured News

The stock market is suffering another triple digit loss today, but during a conference call with reporters, John McCain’s campaign manager Rick “The campaign isn’t about issues,” Davis said that the McCain campaign won’t be talking about the stock market everyday, because the campaign shouldn’t become a, “CNBC news show on the stock market.” Instead they spent their time trying to link Obama to the ACORN investigation.

When asked by a reporter why McCain doesn’t talk about the economy more, Davis said that he can’t imagine a situation where they would put out daily statements on the stock market. He followed it up by confessing that the campaign wouldn’t know what to say, “It doesn’t mean we don’t care and aren’t trying to do something about it, it’s just I’m not exactly sure what you’d say everyday.” It’s funny, but the Obama campaigns manages to find something to say about the economy and the stock market everyday, which is why they are winning this election.

What Davis did talk about was the investigation into allegations of voter fraud by the non-partisan voter registration group ACORN. The McCain campaign manager said that Obama has not been straight with the American people, and has been very inconsistent in his remarks about his relationship with them. Here is how the McCain strategy works, they question Obama’s honesty about things like Ayers and ACORN. They then say that he is being dishonest about his associations, in the hopes that if they can convince voters that Obama is dishonest, they will then view his positions as dishonest.

Of course, the problem with this strategy is that it ignores the fact that the stock market is about to suffer its worst week ever. The McCain campaign also wants to ignore the economy as an issue. However, voters don’t care about ACORN, they want to talk about the economy. Their investments and retirement accounts are vanishing before their eyes everyday, but the McCain campaign plans on pretending that there are other things that are more important.

Davis’s comments demonstrate why John McCain shouldn’t be elected president. They don’t want to talk about it because they have no idea what to do. They are providing distractions, not leadership. I don’t understand how they expect to win this election when they won’t even seriously discuss the most important issues of the day. Our economy is in collapse, and the campaign of the Republican nominee is talking about ACORN. Think about that for a minute, then ask yourself if these are the kind of people that you want running the country. I don’t think America could take four years of John McCain.

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