New Obama Ad Uses McCain’s Debate Performance against Him

Sep 27 2008 Published by under Featured News

In a new ad the presidential campaign of Barack Obama jumped all over the idea that John McCain did not mention the middle class once while talking about the economy last night. This ad is a solid indication that the Obama people believe that they had a good night at the debate.

Here is the ad:

The devastating part of this ad is this, “The fundamentals of the economy have to be measured by whether or not the middle class is getting a fair shake…And when you look at your tax policies…you are neglecting people who are really struggling right now. I think that is a continuation of the last eight years, and we can’t afford another four.” In a quick sound bite, the ad manages to hit all of Obama’s themes. The economy, change, and the middle class are all mentioned.

The Obama campaign has married John McCain to the past, and the economy to change. In contrast, John McCain’s new ad talks about Obama playing politics by voting against troop funding. While the Congress, the president, and the Democratic presidential candidate are focused on the economy, John McCain is still stuck in Iraq. The country has moved on from the issue of the war, but John McCain has not.

For two weeks now, McCain has looked like an out of synch candidate. Obama is the issue driven candidate, but McCain was able to stay close because he was able to keep attention off of the economy. The financial crisis put the economy front and center and the McCain campaign collapsed. The Republican had a chance to change the momentum of the race last night, and he failed. McCain wants to run a campaign based on foreign policy and experience in a year dominated by the economy and change. This is a recipe for defeat.

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