Open Mic Catches Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan Trashing Sarah Palin

Sep 03 2008 Published by under Featured News

Conservatives Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan were caught blasting John McCain for selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate by an open MSNBC microphone.

Here is the video/audio:

Mike Murphy: It’s not going to work…Still McCain can give a version of the Lieberman speech and do himself some good.

Peggy Noonan: It’s over.

Chuck Todd: Don’t you think this pick is insulting to Kay Bailey Hutchison?

Noonan: I saw Kay this morning.

Todd: Yeah, she has never looked comfortable.

Murphy: They are all bummed out about this.

Todd: I mean is she really the most qualified woman they could have picked?

Noonan: No, I think they went for this, excuse me, political bullshit about narratives. Every time Republicans do that… they blow it.”

Murphy: “You know what’s really the worst thing about it? The greatest of McCain is no cynicism, and it is cynical.”

Not even Republicans are buying Sarah Palin as a legitimate running mate. She was a bullshit pick designed to shock and get media attention. I do believe that Texas senator Kay Bailey Hutchison would have been a much better choice. Republicans should be bummed, because this is a pick that probably will cost them the election. Palin has gotten media attention since Friday, but it hasn’t been the kind that the campaign wanted. She can come out and do her generic speech, but it isn’t going to help McCain a damn bit.

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