A Possible Ted Kennedy Surprise in Denver

Aug 24 2008 Published by under Featured News

Both ABC News and the Associated Press are reporting that if Sen. Ted Kennedy’s health allows it, he is going to Denver to make an appearance at the Democratic convention on Monday night.

The plan according to Rick Klein of ABC News is for Kennedy to take the stage after a tribute video to him directed by documentary filmmakers Ken Burns and Mark Herzog. I would not expect Kennedy who is recovering from surgery related to a malignant brain tumor to give a speech. The Senator is still gravely ill, and facing an uphill prognosis.

Kennedy’s son Patrick told the AP that any appearance by the senator is subject to approval from his doctors, “If anything, it’d be an 11th-hour call. If he’s up to it in the 11th hour and can get the green light from doctors, he might be able to pull it off.”

It is impossible to understate the impact of a Ted Kennedy appearance at the convention. Kennedy is the most beloved figure in the Democratic Party, and his presence at the convention, even for a brief time, would likely be the most emotional moment of the week. Many pundits credit the endorsement of Kennedy for helping Barack Obama transform from an outsider candidate to Democratic presidential nominee. The good news is that Kennedy will be back in the Senate in September, but it would be even better news if he could be at Denver to watch the man who he helped to become the 2008 Democratic nominee make history.

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