Five Reasons Why Joe Biden Was the Right Choice

Aug 23 2008 Published by under Featured News

Some, mostly Hillary Clinton supporters, will argue that Joe Biden was not the best choice to be Barack Obama’s running mate, but below are five reasons why he was the best choice for the Obama ticket.

1). Biden is Neutral – Once he got out of the race, Joe Biden never endorsed Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. He was more concerned with supporting the Democratic Party, but since he never sided with either camp in the political civil war known as the primary, his selection eliminated the dilemma of selecting either an Obama supporter or a Clinton supporter. He is a choice that both camps can get behind.

2). Knowledge of Policy – I don’t think any other Democrat is more well rounded in terms of domestic and foreign policy than Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton is strong on domestic policy. Bill Richardson is strong on foreign policy. Joe Biden is strong on both. His foreign policy record will get all of the attention, but Biden also wrote the crime bill in the mid-1990’s that put 100,000 new policemen on the street. Biden is also outstanding on education and healthcare.

3). Limited Baggage – The problem that Obama faced in making his choice is that except for Biden the Democrats that are baggage free are boring, dull, Evan Bayh types. I am a firm believer that it was Bill Clinton and his shady presidential library fundraising, among other scandals that cost Mrs. Clinton the VP slot. Obama did not want the Clinton baggage, but finding a top tier running mate that has no baggage at all is tough. Biden’s biggest problem is his own mouth. Otherwise, he has a moving personal story, and fits the Obama mode as a good family man.

4). Energy and Passion – The negative attacks on him seem to have taken Obama a bit off his game lately. This has been a long campaign, and Obama looks like he could use a shot of energy. Nobody will argue more passionately on Barack Obama’s behalf than Joe Biden will. Biden is energetic passionate, and his oratorical gifts rival Obama’s. Biden may be a bit of a loose cannon, but as long as he is aimed at the Republicans, he will be a powerful weapon.

5). Presidential Ambitions - Joe Biden has wanted to be president for at least the last 20 years, but now at age 65, he seems to realize that the vice presidency would be a fine end to his political career. If Obama wins two terms, I don’t see a then 73 year old Biden running for president, which means that door will be wide open for the then 68 year old Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee. Because of his age, Biden will be able to campaign as the experienced advisor to Obama, which makes this is a win-win-win for Obama, Biden, and Clinton.

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