The Great Obama/Bayh Bumper Sticker Rumor

Aug 22 2008 Published by under Featured News

TV station KMBC in Kansas City is reporting that a Lenexa, Kansas company is printing Obama/Bayh literature. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the Obama campaign’s secrecy about this announcement was ruined by a bumper sticker?

According to a report on their website word leaked out of Gill Studios, a company that specializes in political literature, that they were printing Obama/Bayh bumper stickers. The station sent a reporter to ask about this, and the company would neither confirm nor deny the report. The station said that three sources close to the plant said that they were printing Obama/Bayh materials.

The station does not know if the plant is printing the materials for the Obama campaign, or another client who could be preparing for the possibility of an Obama/Bayh ticket. Campaigns have also been known to submit orders that feature different ticket combinations to cover all possible combinations. News outlets are reporting that only a handful of people know the identity of the running mate. It is extremely unlikely that the campaign has put an official order in for literature.

If the Obama campaign is preparing for tomorrow’s rally, they would be printing signs, not bumper stickers. I can’t imagine the crowd tomorrow holding up Obama/Bayh bumper stickers. It is very possible that Evan Bayh is the choice, but I don’t think that the Obama folks would be as dumb as to place an order of bumper stickers, and blow their secret. This is a fun, but completely unsubstantiated Friday evening rumor.

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