Signs Point to Joe Biden as Obama’s VP

Aug 17 2008 Published by under Featured News

In what is some fascinating timing to say the least, Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) is in the Republic of Georgia this weekend to get the facts on the situation there and meet with President Saakashvili, the Georgian Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze, and the U.S. Ambassador to Georgia John Tefft.

Biden said that he is going in his capacity as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “I am going to Georgia this weekend to get the facts first-hand and to show my support for Georgia’s people and its democratically-elected government,” said Chairman Biden. “I look forward to reporting to my colleagues in the Senate and on the Foreign Relations Committee, as well as the Administration, about what I learn.”

Maybe there is nothing to be gleaned from this bit of information, but while Tim Kaine and Evan Bayh are hitting the Sunday talk shows, and Bill Richardson is in New Mexico holding a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden is investigating an international crisis that is at the top of news. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Plus when you add in the fact that Biden will be back in the U.S. tomorrow, which would be in plenty of time for Obama’s running mate announcement this week, these are signs that Obama’s choice is Joe Biden.

There is a good possibility the Georgia-Russia crisis changed the Obama camp’s thinking on the qualifications they wanted in a running mate. This crisis accented Obama’s foreign policy inexperience and the need to add strength in this area to the ticket. Neither Kaine nor Bayh can offer this, so if they are looking for foreign policy then Biden is their man.

Picture Obama announcing Biden as his running mate this week, and Biden steps up to the microphone and talks about his recent trip to Georgia, and the fact nobody in the McCain campaign has been there since the crisis started. By doing this, Obama has added a strong foreign policy presence to quell the doubts of some undecided voters. It all makes too much sense, which is why it may not happen, but all the omens are pointing to Joe Biden as Obama’s running mate.

Biden press release on his trip to Georgia

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