Chuck Hegal’s Name Gets Floated for VP

Aug 12 2008 Published by under Featured News

During the conference to announce the launch of Republicans for Obama today, Jim Leach floated the name of Sen. Chuck Hegal as the person that he would like to see as Obama’s running mate.

“There are a number of impressive potential vice presidential candidates and this is a singular decision for one person, and that is Barack Obama. But personally I’d be hopeful in the list of serious candidates to be considered would be Chuck Hagel, whether it be for the veep position or a serious position in an Obama administration,” Leach said.

While Hagel would bring bi-partisanship and military experience to the ticket, as I wrote in a previous edition of Pros and Cons, “ Hagel is still a Republican, and outside of the Iraq issue, has major differences with the Democratic Party. In recent years, Hagel has voted against expanding Children’s Health Insurance, for the extending the Bush tax cuts, a constitutional amendment banning flag burning, the oil company tax cuts and subsidies. Hagel has voted with his Party 78% of the time, which according to statistics kept by the Washington Post is only 3.3% below the Republican average.” Hagel also opposes gay marriage and abortion.

Since Hagel isn’t running for a third Senate term, it is more likely that he ends up with a role in an Obama administration. If Obama picks Biden, and wins the election, then my guess would be Richardson as Secretary of State, and Hagel as Secretary of Defense. If Hagel want it, he will probably have a role in a potential Obama administration, but I think that there are too many policy differences between him and the Democratic Party for him to be on the ticket.

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