Speculation Centers on Biden and Kaine For Obama VP

Jul 26 2008 Published by under Featured News

It appears that the Obama campaign is giving Joe Biden, and Gov. Tim Kaine (D-VA) a serious look as potential running mates, at least according to the Wall Street Journal. The speculation is starting to get wild though. Everyone is floating names for Obama’s VP. Here is a look at those who are getting the most attention.

According to the Wall Street Journal , the seven names being considered by the Obama campaign are Senators Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton, and Jack Reed. There are also two governors on the list, Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, and Tim Kaine of Virginia. However, the WSJ story cites the ever dubious Democratic operatives as its source. This means that the source isn’t affiliated with the Obama campaign, and really could be anybody, including you or me.

Yesterday, Sebelius sought to downplay the speculation that she is on Obama’s shortlist, but she has never denied her interest in being on the ticket. Jack Reed said in an interview with The Providence Journal, “I am interested in serving in the United States Senate and that interest trumps any consideration of serving as a vice president.” He also said that if Obama offered it to him, he would turn it down.

Clinton is only on the list for the sake of appearances. She will not be on the ticket. Bayh is a long time Clinton supporter, and looks to be a fall back choice if Obama can’t get Kaine. Dodd is dealing with the charges that he got a special mortgage from Countrywide. He contends that he did nothing wrong, but this could kill his chances of being on the ticket.

It seems that Obama’s choice is going to come down to a senator or a governor, or change versus experience. The senators listed provide experience, while the governors are fresh faces that would fit Obama’s change message. We already know that Dodd is being vetted so he is on the shortlist.

Biden has seen his public role take off with the campaign, so he is probably on there too. Kaine was the first governor to endorse Obama, and comes from the critical swing state of Virginia, and Sebelius is not only the governor of Kansas, but she is from Ohio where her father was governor.

If I were to rank these seven names based on their odds of being chosen, the list would look like this:

1). Joe Biden

2).Tim Kaine

3). Kathleen Sebelius

4). Chris Dodd

5). Evan Bayh

6). Jack Reed

7). Hillary Clinton

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