Hillary Clinton Plans to Run in 2012

Jul 19 2008 Published by under Featured News

So, what does www.hrc2012.com say to you?

The LA Times blog reported early Saturday morning that the Markham Group, a company which has worked very closely with Senator Hillary Clinton in her past elections, has purchased a website with the url “hrc2012.” This move begs the question why Clinton would need yet another website, especially one so date specific. Two years ago, when Clinton ran for Senate reelection, she launched HillaryClinton.com; she also unveiled HillPac.com for her political action committee donations. In fact, even when she ran for president this time around, she made do with her HillaryClinton.com website.

So I ask again, what does www.hrc2012.com say?

Certainly, there is the possibility that Clinton wants a 2012-specific website for her next Senate reelection campaign. I can buy this rationale. HillaryClinton.com will then become a general information website, with hrc2012 being the hot spot for her Senate drive–all the latest info and developments all the time!

However, knowing Clinton like most of us do, it’s hard to swallow that Clinton is doing nothing more than preparing for a Senate reelection attempt. In 2006, Clinton stomped her Republican opponent, John Spencer (former mayer of Yonkers) by 36% points, easily winning with 67% of the votes to Spencer’s 31%. Clinton’s popularity as NY Senator has not diminished since then; in fact, with her very successful, nearly triumphant run for president, her stock in NY and the Senate has only risen. To start building for a Senate race that is basically hers already four years in advance seems academic and needless.

This of course compels us to once again revisit what is the meaning of www.hrc2012.com?

Speaking of “four years in advance,” Clinton bought the site via the Markham Group on June 8th, 2008. Does that date sound familiar at all? It should, as it is exactly one day after her heart-wrenching “I give up” speech where she had to swallow her defeat and say–at least publicly–that she will work to elect Barack Obama president in November.

Imagine that, just one day after her final and begrudging concession. One day. No more, no less.

What does this time table say about www.hrc2012.com?

Adding more fuel to the speculative fires is the fact that Clinton has sent out direct communications to her big-money supporters–those who donated up to $2,300 to her anticipated, but ultimately nonexistent, 2008 general election campaign–asking them to sign off on a permission sheet to transfer all of that funding to her 2012…wait for it…Senate campaign. And if you recall, Clinton barely touched a small portion of her 2006 Senate reelection campaign funds, later transferring the bulk of that funding source to her 2008 presidential election coffer.

Www.hrc2012.com. Can you hear the whispers? Can you read the bold print between the soft lines?

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