Pelosi Calls Out McCain for Flip-Flopping on Energy

Jun 23 2008 Published by under Featured News

After John McCain’s speech on energy at Fresno State University today, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) released a statement in which she accused John McCain of flip-flopping on energy.

“John McCain’s energy proposal is an attempt to divert attention away from his recent flip flop and his support of the failed Bush-Cheney policies that have resulted in skyrocketing gasoline prices for consumers and skyrocketing profits for Big Oil,” she said.

Pelosi accused McCain of a double flip-flop, “Last week, Senator McCain reversed himself and said we need to drill more. Today, he has reversed years of failing to support more efficient cars, new energy technologies and green jobs. Democrats welcome a debate on energy independence from Senator McCain, but we just don’t know which John McCain we are debating.”

The McCain campaign is making it way too easy for the Democrats. It isn’t like McCain changed his energy policy over the course of months or years. He is contradicting what he said last week. John McCain sold out any bit of independence that he had after the 2000 election. Except for staying in Iraq, I don’t McCain has any policy positions that he is passionate about.

There is a difference between a candidate who changes their mind, and one who says whatever he thinks the crowd wants to hear. In Texas, McCain was an oil man like George W. Bush. Today in California, McCain was an environmentally conscious Republican like Arnold Schwarzenegger. These positions are contradictory, and it should make voters wonder who the real John McCain is, and what does he really believe?

Pelosi’s Statement

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