No VP for VA’s Mark Warner

Jun 15 2008 Published by under Featured News

At Virginia’s State Democratic Convention Saturday night, former VA Governor and current Senate candidate put an end to chatter about a third political position he may hold–Vice President on Barack Obama’s ticket. Warner told about 2000 delegates at the convention, in very explicit terms, that he is not interested in the vice presidency, and if asked by Obama to be on the ticket, he will in fact say no.

Warner reiterated the fact that he was “110% committed to his senate race” against another former VA Governor, Republican Jim Gilmore III, who recently ran for President. In his convention speech, Warner emphasized that he will most certainly not accept a spot on the national ticket, telling the conventioneers, “Let me be clear about this: I have been working very hard these last few months to ask the people of Virginia to give me the honor of being their United States senator. I will not seek, and I will not accept, any other opportunity.”

It’s good to see Warner stick to his guns about becoming the US Senator from VA. However, this does mean one less serious, A-List candidate for Obama’s camp to choose from. Warner had been rumored to be on Obama’s short list from the beginning, and this latest development could be a rather rough bump on the road for Obama. Warner was extremely popular in VA and being on the ticket could have helped turn the state blue, a feat not done since 1964.

If Obama wishes to continue pursuing the strategy of coaxing VA into the Democratic column in November by adopting one of its native sons on to his ticket, he will now have to turn to current Governor Tim Kaine, or Senator Jim Webb.

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