Obama Reacts to Detainee Supreme Court Decision

Jun 12 2008 Published by under Featured News

Barack Obama said of today’s Supreme Court ruling that the detainees at GITMO have the right to challenge their detention in civilian court, “The Court’s decision is a rejection of the Bush Administration’s attempt to create a legal black hole at Guantanamo – yet another failed policy supported by John McCain.”

He called the decision an important step towards regaining our credibility as a nation committed to the rule of law, “This is an important step toward reestablishing our credibility as a nation committed to the rule of law, and rejecting a false choice between fighting terrorism and respecting habeas corpus. Our courts have employed habeas corpus with rigor and fairness for more than two centuries, and we must continue to do so as we defend the freedom that violent extremists seek to destroy.”

Obama also pointed out that under the Bush administration’s system, no one has been convicted of terrorism since 9/11, “The fact is, this Administration’s position is not tough on terrorism, and it undermines the very values that we are fighting to defend. Bringing these detainees to justice is too important for us to rely on a flawed system that has failed to convict anyone of a terrorist act since the 9-11 attacks, and compromised our core values.”

The system that the Bush administration put into place goes against everything this nation was founded on. The administration has no evidence against the vast majority of the people currently being detained. This is why detainees were denied the right to challenge their detention. It is also why the administration came up with the show trial like military tribunal system, where detainees weren’t allowed to see the evidence against them, and hearsay was admissible.

The detention program goes against everything America should be. It is a disgrace, and ought to be the first thing removed once Barack Obama takes office. The United States of America must never again behave this way. George W. Bush has done more to lower our nation’s standing in than any other president in history, and the detentions and torture will be a lasting part of his legacy. Bush has shown America its dark side so, let’s hopes that a new president can remind us of what makes our nation great.

You can read the full Obama statement right here.

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