Clinton Says She is Open to Being Obama’s Running Mate

Jun 03 2008 Published by under Featured News

If a report by the AP and confirmed by MSNBC is correct that Hillary Clinton told a group of New York lawmakers that she is open to being Barack Obama’ s running mate is correct, then I think that we just found out what Hillary Clinton wants.

Clinton was asked the question by a fellow member of her New York congressional delegation, and her answer appears to back up rumors that have been flying for the past few days that former President Clinton has been floating Hillary as a potential running mate for Obama. If Clinton does want to pressure Obama into adding her to the ticket, it would go a long way towards explaining why her campaign is unwilling to concede right now. So far, the Obama campaign has been very hesitant to seriously consider Clinton.

Even if Clinton does want to be on the ticket, it won’t matter if Obama doesn’t ask her. Because of her popularity, I think Obama has to consider Clinton, but I doubt if she would be his first choice. However, if he finds himself in serious trouble with the groups that have supported Clinton, then he might not have any other choice. My opinion has been that Clinton would hurt Obama more than she would help him.

I seriously doubt that the Clintons would want to be on this ticket to help Obama. From a strategic point of view, the vice presidency might be Hillary’s best chance at getting to the White House. Plus if Clinton is on the ticket, they can take credit for helping to elect the first African-American president.

I don’t see how Clinton and Obama would govern together, and I don’t think it would be wise for Obama to choose a running mate who would give the Republicans loads of ammo to use against him. I know that the Clinton supporters love the idea, but it is tough to run a change campaign with a running mate who is the ultimate insider.

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