Washington Superdelegate Becomes Obama’s Sixth of the Day

Jun 02 2008 Published by under Featured News

Washington Superdelegate and DNC member David McDonald became the sixth superdelegate of the day to endorse Barack Obama. In an email statement to the Associated Press McDonald said, “This was not an easy choice. Both of the candidates who remain in contention are capable of winning the general election and would likely do so if selected as the nominee.”

McDonald also said that Obama has, “has shown a remarkable ability to organize and mobilize Democratic voters and focus their efforts on the key task of persuading independent voters around the country to join us in changing the White House agenda.” He said that he held off making his endorsement until after the delegations from Michigan and Florida were seated.

With Obama likely to pick up 16 more delegates tomorrow night, he will only be 25.5 delegates short of the nomination. Judging from the rumors of the meetings that are going on among House and Senate Democrats it looks like there will be some sort of en mass endorsement that will be designed to not only put Obama over the top, but also stress party unity.

The Clinton campaign may not be publicly saying it’s over, but they are taking all of the procedural steps involved in taking down the campaign tent. After Wednesday it is time to get ready for Denver, where I found out today that I’ll be heading to in order to cover the Democratic convention in August.

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