Virginia and Connecticut Superdelegates Endorse Obama

Jun 02 2008 Published by under Featured News

Barack Obama picked up two more superdelegates this morning as Connecticut Democratic State Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo and Democratic National Committee Member Jerome Wiley Segovia both endorsed him for president. It seems that no matter how Clinton figures the math, Obama’s march to the nomination continues.

Segovia stressed Obama’s field campaign and support for alternative energy, “I am excited to add my support to a campaign that has clearly demonstrated a commitment to an inclusive national field campaign, has shattered all previous campaign fundraising records, and is supportive of alternative sources of energy to begin to solve our energy crisis.”

DiNardo emphasized Obama’s ability to unify the country, “Senator Obama offers Connecticut and our country a chance for such unity – at healing the divisions caused by years of war, deficits, and partisan wrangling. He shares Connecticut’s and our nation’s concern for building strong communities and re-building our economy ravaged by Republican policies.”

She continued, “More fundamentally, Senator Obama understands the everyday struggles of Americans and is devoted to realizing the vision of a nation in which we and our families, friends and neighbors can earn a decent wage, secure affordable healthcare and housing, send our children to good schools, heat our homes, and breathe clean air. Senator Obama’s experience as a community activist and his record in Congress demonstrates his focus on these issues and his ability to effect change without becoming ensnared by and beholden to the political establishment.”

Obama is now only 44 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination. I think there has been a masterful bit of campaign strategy involved with rolling out these endorsements. The pattern has been that when Clinton wins big somewhere, and less than a day later, the Obama campaign unveils several new endorsements. This illustrates the ongoing tug of war between the Clinton and Obama campaigns over electability question.

For every Clinton argument about the popular vote, Obama can point to the superdelegates. Most people who have followed this campaign can see through the smokescreen of the popular vote argument anyway, but the Obama camp seems to be taking no chances and nothing for granted. I suspect the superdelegate endorsements will keep flowing as Obama looks to end the Democratic primary tomorrow night.

You can read DiNardo’s full endorsement here and Segovia’s here

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