Three Superdelegates from Michigan and Florida Endorse Obama

Jun 02 2008 Published by under Featured News

Barack Obama has now picked up five superdelegate endorsements today after adding Michigan superdelegates Brenda Lawrence and Lu Battaglieri along with Florida superdelegate Janee Murphy to a total that already included superdelegates from Virginia and Connecticut. Obama is now 42.5 delegates short of becoming the Democratic nominee.

In her statement Murphy said, “With Florida and Michigan a part of the equation that there is no doubt in my mind that we can come together and it is my job now to hit the ground running and help deliver Florida. As a single African American mother, I feel personally about securing a better future for my daughter, and I truly believe Senator Obama will bring the kind of change our country needs.”

According to the Detroit Free Press Lawrence who is the mayor of Southfield, MI said, “I was undecided, but he’s worked hard to show that he’s the best candidate. “The beauty of it is that we have two strong, dynamic candidates. But the reality is that the numbers have to add up.” Their endorsements along with those of Connecticut Democratic State Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo and Democratic National Committee Member Jerome Wiley Segovia bring Obama’s total number of added delegate votes today to 3.5.

It really isn’t much of a surprise that the uncommitted superdelegates from Michigan and Florida are endorsing Obama now that it has been determined that they will be seated at the convention. Remember, due to the decision of the Rules Committee each delegate from Michigan and Florida counts for only a half of a vote.

I think the Obama campaign is going to work hard to roll out even more endorsements in the hope that he can clinch the nomination on Tuesday night. This seems like a bit of a long shot, so now it is only a matter of seeing which superdelegate will put him over the top on Wednesday.

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