Obama Slams McCain over Closed Door Fundraiser with Bush

May 27 2008 Published by under Featured News

Today at a campaign stop in North Las Vegas, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama laid into John McCain for closing the doors to the public of a fundraiser he is holding with George W. Bush tonight. “Today, John McCain is having a different kind of meeting. He’s holding a fundraiser with George Bush behind closed doors in Arizona. No cameras. No reporters. And we all know why. Senator McCain doesn’t want to be seen, hat-in-hand, with the President whose failed policies he promises to continue for another four years,” Obama said.

Obama asked why the American people want to continue George W. Bush’s policies, “Because I don’t think the American people want to continue the disastrous economic policies that have helped create catastrophes like the housing crisis that we’re here to discuss today. I don’t think we want to continue a misguided foreign policy and an endless war in Iraq that has cost us thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars while making us less safe and less secure.”

He said the purpose of the fundraiser tonight is to raise money to continue the policies of the past eight years, “That’s the choice in this election. On issue after issue, John McCain is offering more of the same policies that have failed for the last eight years. That’s the agenda that he and the President are raising money to support later today.”

The White House admitted today that the fundraiser was moved at the request of the McCain campaign. We all know why it was moved. McCain wants Bush’s ability to raise money, but does not want to be visually linked to a president with a 23% approval rating. The reality is that on every major policy issue McCain agrees with Bush. He can keep the cameras away, but his record speaks for itself. The presidency of George W. Bush is the likely reason why McCain will lose this election. He can pretend like he is his own man, but it will be clear by November that John McCain is empty candidate who is running to maintain the status quo.

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