Maryland Superdelegate Endorses Obama

May 17 2008 Published by under Featured News

Maryland superdelegate Greg Pecoraro endorsed Barack Obama for president today. His endorsement leaves Obama only 119.5 delegates short of clinching the Democratic nomination. “Today, I am very excited to join the large majority of Maryland Democrats who expressed their enthusiasm for Senator Obama’s candidacy in our state’s presidential primary,” Pecoraro said.

He also said that he believes that Obama is the right man for our time, “I believe Barack Obama is the right leader for our time. With Barack Obama as our nominee and as our President, we have real hope that a new way of governing the nation is at hand. I strongly believe that Senator Obama offers us the best opportunity we have had for many years to turn away from the politics of division and despair, and look towards an America of opportunity and progress.”

Pecoraro is a city councilman in Westminster, Maryland. Barack Obama has now accumulated 295.5 superdelegates, but the numbers are not nearly as important at this stage, as the unified message the Democratic Party is developing behind Obama. Each day we are seeing more Democrats turn their focus away from the primary battle, and towards John McCain. It looks like the GOP dream of a fractured Democratic Party is going up in smoke.

You can read the full endorsement here

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