Clinton Wins WV, But Two More Superdelegates for Obama

May 14 2008 Published by under Featured News

Hillary Clinton had hoped that her big win last night among white working class voters in West Virginia would give the superdelegates pause about endorsing Obama, but if this morning is any indication, the superdelegates keep flowing towards Obama.

So far today, Obama has added two more
superdelegates. Democrats Abroad Chair Christine Schon Marques and Rep. Pete Visclosky (D-IN) both endorsed him. “Today I pledge my support to Senator Barack Obama because I believe that he will take our country in the right direction, he will restore America’s reputation, he will honor the men and women who are bravely serving our country, and he will reach out to Americans across the country and around the world,” Marques said.

Visclosky said Obama will bring pragmatic solutions to America’s problems, “America needs a President who offers a vision of the future comprised of sensible solutions to today’s troubles. My choice is Senator Barack Obama, who promises to seek pragmatic, progressive solutions to problems like jobs, Iraq, the energy crisis, and healthcare. Barack Obama will bring people together, give them hope, spur change, and set the U.S. back on a course toward progress, prosperity, and global leadership.”

Hillary Clinton laid out her tenuous path to the Democratic nomination last night, and it involved her winning a tidal wave of the remaining superdelegates. The early omens coming from the Party suggest that her win meant nothing to the people who will decide the nominee.

Clinton will meet with some of the remaining unpledged superdelegates today. Hopefully, they will tell her it’s over. She will probably play out the string, but Obama is now 136.5 delegates away from victory. Short of an epic collapse, this thing is finished.

Marques Endorsement:

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