Even James Carville says Obama will be the Nominee

May 13 2008 Published by under Featured News

The Dark Sith of Clinton campaign, James Carville finally admitted that the Democratic primary is over, well almost over. Carville told an audience at Furman University that Clinton should stay in until the last dog dies, but “I still hear some dogs barking. I’m for Senator Clinton, but I think the great likelihood is that Obama will be the nominee.”

Carville said that the Democratic Party is made up of two groups of voters, one affluent such as suburban women, and one lower to middle class urban and rural people. This second group is, “people that look to the federal government to soften the harder edges of capitalism.” What made this election interesting to him is that Clinton and Obama split the two groups.

“All of these things that are happening, the uniqueness of the field, the historical events, there really is no precedence for it…The country really wants to vote for (Democrats). We have to not talk our way out of it,” Carville said.

It is interesting how quickly the Party is coming back together. Although Obama will have some work to do in the fall with conservative Democrats, I think the shifting of his message to a more economic one will go a long way towards helping him with these voters. When Carville says it’s over, then it’s really over.

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