Three More Superdelegates for Obama: 150 to go

May 12 2008 Published by under Featured News

Barack Obama needs only 150 delegates to ensure the Democratic nomination after he picked up the endorsements of Sen. Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, Idaho superdelegate Keith Roark, and Hawaii superdelegate Dolly Strazar.

“Rather than echo his supporters or review his platform on health care, the environment, or the war in Iraq, I want to add a different voice to those who believe Senator Obama would make a fine President. He is the antidote we need to cure Washington of the uninspired, partisan politics that has plagued our country far too long,” Sen. Akaka said.

He continued, “If Obama comes across as a bit of a softy—if you don’t see the toughness or the ambition at first—it may be in part because he spent his formative years in a place where ‘Live Aloha’ had not yet become a slogan aimed at recapturing a more gracious time, but was simply a way of life. I have great hope, that in his own way, Barack Obama will achieve what I have been working to accomplish my entire Congressional career, more tolerance and understanding, an appreciation for common goals and interests, rather than an emphasis on our differences.”

Strazar said that it is time for the Party to unify, “I am now convinced that it is time to pull together behind a single candidate who has the backing of a growing number of Americans. I therefore announce my wholehearted endorsement of Senator Barack Obama.”

Roark said that Obama will run the stronger race, “I have no doubt that Senator Obama will run the stronger race. The unprecedented enthusiasm Senator Obama has generated here in Idaho is unlike anything I have seen in the past 31 years of active political participation in this State. He has captured the imagination and mint fresh optimism of young voters from Couer d’Alene to Caldwell, from Murphy to Montpelier.”

At this current pace, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama did only declare victory, but he actually was victorious by May 20. I think now the real race is among the superdelegates to see who can endorse Obama the soonest, and hop on the bandwagon.

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