Obama Lays the Smack Down on Mitt Romney

May 11 2008 Published by under Featured News

An interview Wolf Blitzer did with Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama aired on CNN’s Late Edition program today. During the interview Obama was asked about Mitt Romney’s remark that Obama had never done anything with his life and has no experience.

Romney’s full remark was, “He has not accomplished anything during his life, in terms of legislation, or leading an enterprise, or making a business work or a city work or a state work. He really has very little experience. And the presidency of the United States is not an internship.”

Obama responded sharply, “Yes. Well, the contest didn’t work out so well for Mitt Romney. I think he was making those same arguments against John McCain, suggesting that John McCain, as a senator, hadn’t done what Mitt Romney had done. And, yet, here we are, and there Mitt Romney is.”

Obama said good judgment is more important than experience, “Look, when it comes to national security, I think that what people are looking for is good judgment. They’re looking for somebody who is going to be able to assess the very real risks that are out there and deploy our forces, not just military, but diplomatic, political, economic, cultural, in a way that makes the American people safe.”

The Republicans will soon find out what Hillary Clinton already knows. Beneath the powerful oratory of Obama is a level of political toughness, and a willingness to fight back. If the McCain strategy is going to be to make the experience argument, then they might as well not even try.

We all know that they are going to try and do the same thing to Obama that have done to every other Democratic nominee since 1980. They are going to label him a tax and spend liberal whose big government ideas are a danger to the American people. It is a pretty safe bet that this won’t work.

Obama isn’t the typical Democratic nominee. He is an exciting candidate, who is someone people can rally around. For too long Democrats have had the right ideas, but the wrong people presenting them to the American people, but in 2008 the party finally stopped picked the candidate who screamed about their electability the loudest. The Democrats finally went with their heart and picked a good nominee.

Romney’s comments illustrate the narrow minded tunnel vision of the GOP. If you have not been a politician or run a business your whole life, then you aren’t qualified.

He completely disregarded Obama’s work as a community organizer as nothing. It is this kind of attitude that the American people are sick of. We need a president that understands all of America, not just the white corporate part.

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