Superdelgate Crystal Strait Endorses Obama

May 11 2008 Published by under Featured News

Today superdelegate Crystal Strait who is board member for the Young Democrats of America endorsed Barack Obama. “Barack Obama has shown a real commitment to young voters in his campaign and in response young people have overwhelmingly voted and caucused for Obama in these primary contests.”

She continued, “We know that if a young person votes three times in a row for a Party, they become a Party voter for life. We know that because of high youth turnout in 2004 and 2006, 2008 is the third and critical election for young voters. And that’s why I know I want to pledge my delegate vote to Barack Obama.”

Strait is Obama’s 276th superdelegate. He is now only 155 delegates short of wrapping up the nomination. I think an interesting thing to watch will be when Obama wraps up the nomination. Will the flood of superdelegates continue and grow?

Theoretically, the supers along with however many pledged delegates he earns in West Virginia and Kentucky could put him over the top before May 20. The sooner Obama wraps up the nomination, the more time the Party can spend on John McCain.

Read the full endorsement:

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