Obama Takes Superdelegate Lead with Two New Endorsements

May 10 2008 Published by under Featured News

Hillary Clinton’s last lead in the Democratic primary race was shattered today by two superdelgates from the Virgin Islands. With the endorsements from Carole Burke and Kevin Rodriquez, Obama now needs only 157 delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination.

Rodriquez, who had previously backed Hillary Clinton, said, “While I have great respect for Senator Clinton, today I am announcing my support for Barack Obama. Senator Obama has brought a new generation and energy into the democratic process and the Democratic Party. He has shown he can connect with Democrats, Republicans and Independents across this country, whether we live on the mainland or an island. Senator Obama’s judgment to lead, courage to tell the truth and commitment to working men and women make him the best candidate to lead this country forward.”

Obama has now picked up 274 superdelegates, of which 122 have come since Super Tuesday.

According to the AP, Obama now has 275 superdelegates to Clinton’s 271.5. Clinton’s whole argument to the superdelegates has been her electability, but with Obama leading in all categories, I don’t see how Clinton can justify remaining in the race beyond May 20.

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