The Stream of Superdelegates Continues for Obama

May 09 2008 Published by under Featured News

Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama has picked up three more superdelegates today, now leaving him only 164 short of clinching his party’s nomination. Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon is expected to endorse Obama later today at an event in the state.

Congressman Donald Payne of New Jersey announced that he is switching his support from Clinton to Obama. “After careful consideration, I have reached the conclusion that Barack Obama can best bring about the change that our country so desperately wants and needs. It was “one of the most difficult decisions I have made. I’ve really been mulling it over for quite a while,” Payne told The Star-Ledger.

He also said that it is time to unite behind one candidate, “At this particular time we need to really unite behind one candidate. It’s time now for us to pull our party together. The quicker it’s over, the better we’ll be able to bring all of our forces together.”

The third endorsement was both organizational and personal. The American Federation of Government Employees has thrown its support behind Obama. The organization is the nation’s largest federal employee union. It represents 600,000 workers nationwide.

John Gage the president of the union is also a superdelegate, and said that he will personally be supporting Obama. “I think it’s time we start really focusing in on McCain, who just has a terrible record when it comes to federal employees,” Gage said.

The Party is trying to send a strong message to Hillary Clinton that it is time for her to hang it up and get out of this race. She has said that she will stay in it until the Party has a nominee, but at Obama’s current pace of picking up superdelegates, he will clinch the nomination in a couple of weeks, so there will be no long convention fight, but instead one heck of a party in Denver this year.

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