Former Edwards Campaign Manager David Bonior Endorses Obama

May 08 2008 Published by under Featured News

David Bonior, who was a former high ranking Congressman, and most recently served as the campaign manager for John Edwards announced this morning that he is supporting Barack Obama.

“I see one candidate who has proven he can bring the kind of change to Washington that will mean more jobs, better pay for American workers, and health care for every single American. That candidate is Barack Obama,” Bonior said.

His reason for supporting Obama now was the results of Tuesday’s primaries, “Tuesday was a critical moment in this race, because Barack Obama continues to run a positive campaign that focuses on the issues that matter to ordinary Americans, he has won a commanding lead in this race, and I believe he can and will defeat John McCain in November.”

Bonior’s endorsement is huge because he and John
Edwards are still very popular with organized labor. So far many of the unions who endorsed Edwards, have waiting to see who the Democratic nominee will be before they shift their support.

Bonior’s endorsement alone won’t shift labor, but it sends the most powerful signal yet that the party is unifying around Obama , and that it might be time for labor to get on board.

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