Clinton Camp Says Race Will Be Over by June

May 08 2008 Published by under Featured News

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe was on NBC’s Today show this morning and flat said that the Democratic race will be over by early June, “It’ll be over early June. We’ve all said we’ll be together at the end. If Hillary doesn’t win, Hillary, President Clinton, myself, we’ll be over there helping Senator Obama. And, likewise, Senator Obama will come together to help Hillary if she’s the nominee.”

McAuliffe also gave the campaign’s rationale for staying in until the end, “She can win the states we need to win in the general election. Why should Hillary Clinton, until there is a nominee with the number of necessary delegates, why should she get out?”

Since Tuesday the tone of the Clinton campaign has changed. Gone are the attacks on Obama during her campaign stops. Instead she is talking about issues, and putting a positive spin on things. Clinton has had the look of a relieved politician. If she wants to go out on top, I see no problem with that.

I have no idea why they continue to spend their own money on a race they can’t win. Unless it is simply the case of wanting to stay in just in case Obama implodes or falls victim to scandal.

I am sure all of those Republicans who were dreaming of a long convention fight which would tear apart the Democratic Party will be disappointed, but it looks like things are coming together nicely for the fall.

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