Obama Picks Up Four Newspaper Endorsements in IN and NC

May 04 2008 Published by under Featured News

Today Barack Obama picked up three newspaper endorsements in Indiana and one in North Carolina ahead of Tuesday’s primaries. Here are some highlights from each endorsement.

In Muncie, The Star Press said, “Obama has breathed new life into the Democratic party, helping to rebuild it into a 50-state party through his appeal to important and previously disaffected young voters. Youth are the future of our country, but both parties have either ignored or been unable to reach them for generations. The fact that many are paying attention now, thanks to Obama, bodes well for the future.”

The editorial board of the Gary Post-Tribune wrote, “Barack Obama has taken the crusade for change a step further, calling for a change in the politics and policies of Washington and the country as a whole. We recommend a vote for Obama because he potentially represents more of what is new than Hillary Clinton, who is part of the inside crowd in Washington.”

In delivering their endorsement the Louisville Courier-Journal concluded, “Sen. Obama’s relentless focus on change, and the hordes of new voters he draws to the polls, would make it hard for his victory to be read as anything other than a mandate for changing how Washington works. Sen. Clinton actually has engaged in more collaborative efforts with Republicans than she is given credit for. But she is battle-scarred, widely viewed as divisive and, we believe, would face a harder time enacting her program.”

In North Carolina, The Charlotte Observer also endorsed Obama, “Nominating Sen. Obama would send a powerful message to the world. He’s the son of a white mother from Kansas and an absent father from Kenya. His personal story would make it plain that America is changing for the better. His appreciation of the need for international cooperation is a welcome change from the Bush administration’s know-it-all, go-it-alone tendencies.”

I think all of these endorsements are a very good sign for the Obama campaign especially Indiana where the race looks as close as it gets. We all know that no matter what the numbers say, if Obama wins both states on Tuesday, this race is over. With Clinton opening a campaign office in Lexington, KY, it is clear that no matter what she is in it until June, but two more Obama wins means that it won’t matter if she is there or not.

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