New Mexico Superdelegate Endorses Obama

May 03 2008 Published by under Featured News

Barack Obama picked up another superdelegate today as New Mexico Democratic Party Chairman Brian Colon endorsed him.

“As I talk to Democrats all over New Mexico they are increasingly concerned with the negative tone that the campaign has taken. I believe that Senator Obama has presented a positive message of change while continuing to focus on our real opponent; a John McCain presidency and another four year term of failed Bush policies,” Colon said.

Colon mentioned how Obama has run a different kind of campaign, Barack Obama has run a different kind of campaign – one that goes beyond the things that divide us and is driven by a commitment to real change that starts at the grassroots level. Here in New Mexico, where we had a very close election on February 5th, the excitement I saw throughout the state is good for our Party and good for our State. While there are two very talented candidates in this race, I am proud to make this announcement today because I want to see Barack Obama’s positive movement for change continue to transform the Democratic Party and this country.”

The country seems desperate to turn the page and move on from the post-9/11 gloom and doom politics of the Bush administration. I believe that people want to feel good about their nation and their government again. They want to believe in their president, and Barack Obama projects himself as a person that can be believed in.

This is the biggest difference between himself and Sen. Clinton. Too many Democrats feel that they can’t trust her. She has a track record which suggests that she shouldn’t be trusted, but perhaps the biggest failing of her campaign is its failure to inspire hope and optimism in Democratic voters.

The election of Barack Obama would allow Americans the ability to start fresh and put the last 8 years behind us. I think that is not only what a majority of voters want, but also what they need. Obama is now 277 delegates away from clinching the nomination.

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