Democrats Have Their Own Mission to Accomplish

May 03 2008 Published by under Featured News

“Democrats have a mission: strengthen the economy, invest in America, bring our troops home. And we will not quit until that mission is truly accomplished,” Congressman Andre Carson said in today’s Democratic radio address, that focused on the Iraq war and the economy.

“Five years ago this week, President Bush stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier and proclaimed “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. In the five years since the President’s infamous speech, more than 3,900 American troops have lost their lives and nearly 30,000 have been wounded…”The President was wrong. The mission was not accomplished then and has still not been accomplished five years later,” Carson said.

Carson later spoke about how Bush has ignored Americans at home, and focused on rebuilding Iraq, “And all the while President Bush has invested in the battlefront, he has consistently ignored the home front. American tax dollars are supporting the construction of new roads in Iraq while the potholes in my hometown of Indianapolis are only getting bigger. Our tax dollars are being used to train teachers to teach in Iraqi schools, while too many American children go without the education they need and deserve. While new hospitals and health clinics are being built in Iraq, the President proposed cutting Medicare for seniors and refuses to extend health insurance coverage to millions of children.”

He said the money that is being spent in Iraq could be used to help the American economy, “If we took even a fraction of the billions of dollars we spend in Iraq and used them here at home, we could make real progress and help get our nation out of our economic slump. But even as our economy struggles, the President continues to send billions to Iraq and oppose Democratic efforts to strengthen the economy and provide real relief to families who are struggling.”

The Democratic Party knows that the key to victory this fall is to tie the spending in Iraq with the lack of spending here at home. This is a common pattern with Bush and the GOP.

The President this week proposed spending $770 million on global food aid, while continuing to refuse to increase unemployment benefits and food stamps, so that the people who are hungry in this country can actually see their tax dollars used to help themselves.

This is a very smart strategy by the Democratic Party. John McCain wants to stay in Iraq for what seems like forever, but people need to understand that there are more than military costs involved with decision.

Staying in Iraq means that oil prices will stay high, trillions of dollars will leave our country, domestic programs will be ignored, and life won’t get any better for most Americans. When put in these terms, why would anyone want more of this?

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