Former DNC Chair Kirk Endorses Barack Obama

May 02 2008 Published by under Featured News

Former DNC Chairman and Massachusetts superdelegate Paul G. Kirk Jr. announced his endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama this morning.

One of the reasons Kirk supports Obama is that he has brought new voters to the Democratic Party, “It is with a great sense of pride and confidence in his leadership that I am delighted to publicly endorse Senator Barack Obama and pledge my support to him as former National Democratic Chairman and as a superdelegate. Senator Obama is the one candidate who has and will continue to expand the electorate beyond the traditional Democratic Party base and bring young and new and Independent voters to the Democratic banner in November, an essential ingredient to a Democratic victory.”

He said that he feels Obama is the best candidate to move the nation forward, “”America never turns back. America always marches forward to seize the future. 8 of 10 Americans believe their country is on the wrong track. Senator Obama is the one candidate who, in the best tradition of American history, will not take us back but will lead us to a new future.”

Also important to him was Obama’s ability to reunite the country, “Senator Obama is the one candidate best able to quickly restore America’s respect and reputation globally. Senator Obama is the one candidate best able to set the tone at the top for the unity and reconciliation needed in this country, to bring us together, to define our common goals and to provide the inspiration to move us forward.”

In a nutshell, this primary, and the decision of the superdelegates, comes down to the question of who do you think can get the nation back on the right track? Democratic voters have not been able to conclusively decided whether they want an experienced candidate, or a fresh face, so what this endorsement says to me is that more superdelegates aren’t buying Clinton’s electability argument.

The reality for Hillary Clinton is that she is too polarizing. A Clinton nomination would guarantee that the nation would be split in half again, and the tone of the country would continue on the same path it has been on since 1994. This path has been very good to the GOP, and Barack Obama represents not only his Party’s best chance, but his nation’s best chance to break this polarizing cycle.

Read the full Kirk Jr. Endorsement:

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