A New Low for John McCain

May 02 2008 Published by under Featured News

On the same week John McCain was going around the country touting his health care plan and the choice it offered, he refused to meet with activists for the disabled and co-sponsor a bill that would give those with disabilities the right to choose where they live and work.

Even worse, his Senate staff stood by and let 20 disabled activists be arrested outside his office.
The Community Choice Act of 2007 would amend the Social Security Act to allow people who are eligible for nursing home Medicaid coverage to decide whether they want to live at home or in managed care.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean said, “At a time when John McCain is on the campaign trail talking about health care choices, he refuses to explain why he opposes a bill that would let Americans with disabilities choose how and where to live, work and receive care. I am proud to lead a Party that supports the fundamental right of every single American to make his or her own choices about where to live and work.”

He continued, “Apparently John McCain and his staff would rather let activists get arrested outside his office than explain his position on this critical issue. John McCain is either profoundly out of touch with the needs and challenges confronting Americans with disabilities or just doesn’t care. Either way, he’s the wrong choice for America’s future.”

How can John McCain run around the country touting choice and then deny a fundamental right to a segment of the nation’s disabled population?

This isn’t a bill that would cost the taxpayers one cent more, so the only reason McCain blew them off was that he didn’t care. This guy is starting to look more like a typical Republican every day, but having disabled activists arrested is a new low for even Republicans.

Dean statement:


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