Obama Argues to Superdelegates That He Can Beat McCain

Apr 24 2008 Published by under Featured News

The presidential campaign of Barack Obama released a memo today that they sent to superdelegates laying out their case that Obama is the best candidate to take on John McCain this fall.

The memo said, “After 45 contests, Senator Obama has won more delegates, twice as many states and territories, and more of the popular vote. He’s won in every part of the country, and has scored victories among every segment of electorate. He’s inspired Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, building an unprecedented coalition of more than 1.4 million contributors. And when it comes to head-to-head match-ups versus John McCain, Obama performs better than Clinton in key states and shows the potential to put new states in play for Democrats up and down the ballot.”

They made the case that polling data shows that Obama would be stronger than Clinton against McCain this fall, “Polling data from across the country, from large states and small, reflects the advantage Senator Obama would bring in a race this fall. His ability to expand the Democratic base, and his ability to capture the crucial Independent vote, make him a stronger candidate than Senator Clinton, who would enter the fall campaign with the highest unfavorable ratings of any nominee in half a century.”

The most interesting part of the poll numbers they cited was that Obama puts more battleground states in play than Clinton. In Colorado, Obama is up 3, Clinton down 14. (Rasmussen, 4/19). In Virginia, Obama is down 8 to McCain and Clinton is down 16. (SurveyUSA, 4/17). In Montana, Obama trails McCain by 5, while Clinton is down 18 (Rasmussen, 4/6). In Texas, Obama is behind McCain by 1, but Clinton is down 7 (SurveyUSA, 2/28).

Obama does have some problems with certain groups of Democratic voters, but I don’t think it is anything that can’t be overcome with a little extra work in the fall. It is funny that Clinton would make the electability argument when she suffers from incredibly high negatives for a presidential candidate.

Hillary may be loved by a segment of the Democratic Party, but across the nation at large she is extremely polarizing. I have consistently said that the best way for the Republicans to win in November is for the Democrats to nominate Hillary Clinton. She is John Kerry in a pantsuit.

The Obama memo:


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