Nancy Pelosi Talks about Earth Day and Climate Change

Apr 21 2008 Published by under Featured News

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) issued a statement marking the 38th Earth Day. Pelosi talked about the challenge of climate change, “On this Earth Day, the greatest challenge facing the United States, and indeed our world, is climate change. Its effects already can be seen in severe weather, coastal flooding, deadly heat waves, and spreading infectious diseases.”

She also mentioned the steps Congress has taken to combat climate change, “We enacted bipartisan legislation that increases the efficiency of appliances and lighting and boosts fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks for the first time in 32 years. This increase in fuel efficiency alone will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to taking 28 million cars off the road in the year 2020 alone. We also established a Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming to raise the visibility of this crucial issue and are committed to considering carbon cap-and-trade legislation, which is critical to combating the climate crisis.”

She concluded by quoting the Old Testament, “The Bible tells us in the Old Testament, ‘To minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.’ On this Earth Day, and every day, let us honor the earth and our future generations with a commitment to fight climate change.”

Climate change is one of the biggest issues that the next president will have to face. It is amazing that Congress has been able to accomplish as much as it has on this issue. George W. Bush has provided two terms of constant obstruction. I believe that it is possible for the United States to do their part without hurting themselves in the global marketplace.

I don’t think the reasoning that China and India are doing it so why shouldn’t we, cuts it anymore. I am no Al Gore, but I just don’t see the harm in a cleaner planet. It is so common sense why would anyone oppose it?

Pelosi’s statement:

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