Obama Picks Up Nebraska Superdelegate

Apr 19 2008 Published by under Featured News

The Barack Obama presidential campaign announced this afternoon that they have picked up the endorsement of Nebraska Democratic Party Chairman Steve Achelpohl.

One of the reasons Achelpohl listed for endorsing Obama is that unlike Clinton, Obama, “put states like Nebraska in play” in the general election. “Sen. Obama continues to transcend ‘politics as usual’ and focus on the issues that really matter to American families and workers. Our party can unite behind Sen. Obama and his positive campaign,” Achelpohl said.

He said that Obama will “unite Americans from all walks of life behind his historic movement for change.” Achelpohl’s endorsement now means that Obama has 21 of the state’s 31 delegates to the national convention. Obama also has the support of five of the six superdelegates in the state. The superdelegates who previously committed to Obama are Sen. Ben Nelson, Vince Powers, Kathleen Fahey, and Frank LaMere.

Democratic Chairman Howard Dean said on CNN yesterday that he wants to superdelegates to decide now who they are going to support, and it looks like they are listening. These types of endorsements are becoming a daily occurrence for the Obama campaign. If the superdelegates follow Dean’s advice there is little doubt that most of them will move towards Obama. Clinton’s only hope of winning is to convince the superdelegates to wait until the end of the primary campaign.

Clinton needs time, and a string of impressive victories. It looks like she will get neither. If the superdelegates keep coming to Obama, he will have the nomination locked up before June 3.

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